RV Chassis Parts Xref W Series

As many of you RV'ers know all OEM's have their own Part Numbering system even though most of the parts are available from a GM dealer, other OEM's or from a autoparts house. So, if you have purchased any parts from any other source other than the OEM and have the OEM part number and discription please leave me an EMAIL with the informantion and I will add to this section.

Note - This cross reference file is a collection of parts numbers supplied by the members of IRV2 and myself. The OEM numbers have been added for reference and may vary as I have seen multiple parts numbers for the same part.

I have added links to my photos of the various parts referenced here. So, if you want to see a photo of the part in question just click on the highlighted part and it will open a new tab or window.
Note - The photo's are for reference only and may not depict the actual part.

Any updates or corrections please Email me.

Brake Parts
Brake parts are for the W20/W22 unless otherwise specified.
Part # Description Supplier
W0000036 Master Cylinder OEM
10-590R Master Cylinder Mills Supply
W8000129 Master Cylinder Cap OEM
???????? Master Cylinder Cap Auto Parts Store
42053 Master Cylinder Cap Dorman
W8000131 Master Cylinder Cap - Gasket OEM
???????? Master Cylinder Cap - Gasket Auto Parts Store
42081 Master Cylinder Cap - Gasket Dorman

Note - Be aware the master cylinder caps are not a GM item. They are from a 78-98 Chrylser product. You can get them in the HELP section of most auto parts stores. Don't forget the rubber gaskets as they do not come with the caps.

W8001709 ABS Sensor OEM
R9555336 ABS Sensor Meritor Wabco
970-5016 ABS Sensor Dorman
Resistance spec is 1000-1500 ohms with 0.2 VAC @ 30rpm.
W0013603 Brake Line - RF OEM/RockAuto
W0013604 Brake Line - LF OEM/RockAuto
W0013605 Brake Line - LR OEM/RockAuto
W0013606 Brake Line - RR OEM/RockAuto
H622144 Brake Line - RF Dorman
H622143 Brake Line - LF Dorman
H622148 Brake Line - RR Dorman
H622149 Brake Line - LR Dorman
Be aware that Workhorse changed the caliper end of the above brakelines. The new line does not have the 90 degree fitting, as they are transfered from the old lines. Currently there is no source for those fittings.
W8810906 Brake Pad Kit OEM
BXMKD786 Brake Pads Bendix
PFH078610 Brake Pads Performance Friction
D786 Brake Pads - Thin Ryder Fleet
BXMKD786A Brake Pads - Thick Bendix
W8002188 Rotor OEM
2594596C1 Rotor IHC
23-123572-002 Rotor Meritor
RB-83015 Rotor Brake Performance
86835 Rotor NAPA
W80006461 Caliper ASM OEM
L55849PM Caliper Ryder Fleet
2593419C91 Caliper IHC
4C4Z-2B120-MB Caliper Ford
MBIRH55849x Caliper NAPA
141-83003 Caliper Centric
SE8607 Caliper NAPA
Workhorse Caliper Specs
73mm Caliper Upgrade Parts.
18FR1514 Caliper(4) AC Delco
2501845C91 Caliper Tie Bar (2) IHC
17D786M Brake Pad (4) AC Delco
Note - The 73mm pads are thicker than the 66mm pads, but they are interchangeable.
Misc Brake Parts.
E11752 Caliper Rebuild Kit MFGR-Euclid Industries
E11751 Caliper Pistons MFGR-Euclid Industries
The MFGR-Euclid Industries, Cleveland. They do not sell or distribute. You have to go through a dealer.
4C4Z-2C150-AB Caliper Pin Kit Ford
W0000274 Left Front Brake Hose OEM
W0000275 Right Front Brake Hose OEM
One source that is cheaper than the OEM ($67.62 per brake hose) is Georgia Commercial Vehicles, Marietta Georgia. Phone # 770-419-9262 .

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Cooling System
Part # Description Supplier
W8000530 Water Pump OEM
12558870 Water Pump (Casting #) GM OEM
252-783 Water Pump AC Delco
130-7090 Water Pump GM
TFW 44089 Water Pump NAPA
131-156 Thermostat AC Delco
131-121 Thermostat AC Delco
3329 Thermostat Gates
14948 Thermostat - 186 Stant
15898 Thermostat/High Flow - 180 Autozone
267-180 Thermostat - 180 MotoRad
2067-180 Thermostat/High Flow - 180 MotoRad
7267-180 Thermostat/Fail Safe - 180 MotoRad

131-156 replaces 131-143, 12581595 and 12600171.

W8800752 Radiator Cap-15 Lb OEM
10409635 RC33 Radiator Cap-15 Lb AC Delco
25661994 RC81 Radiator Cap-15 Lb AC Delco
???????? Radiator Cap-16 Lb OEM
703-1698 Radiator Cap-16 Lb NAPA
The above cap from NAPA looks to be just like the OEM version.
1) The RC33 part has been discontinued and has been replaced by RC81.
2) In a pinch almost any brand 15 or 16 lb radiator cap will work.
W0007657 Fan Assm OEM
15712914 Fan Clutch GM
15-4712 Fan Clutch AC Delco
W8005661 Fan Shroud Kit OEM
W0005416 Upper Fan Shroud OEM
159805519 Upper Fan Shroud GM
W0005417 Lower Fan Shroud OEM
159805518 Lower Fan Shroud GM
W0000218 Upper Radiator Hose OEM
26163X Upper Radiator Hose AC Delco
8441 Upper Radiator Hose NAPA
465-21750 Upper Radiator Hose Gates
W0000219 Lower Radiator Hose OEM (Used thru 2006)
24397L Lower Radiator Hose AC Delco
9058 Lower Radiator Hose NAPA
465-22425 Lower Radiator Hose Gates
W0009606 Lower Radiator Hose OEM (2007 to 2010)
21216 Lower Radiator Hose Gates
12558968 Water Pump Bypass Hose GM
605-1371 Radiator Drain Plug NAPA
5484010 Radiator Drain Plug AC Delco
88927326 Radiator Drain Plug AC Delco
61133 Radiator Drain Plug Dorman
74612 Heater Control Valve O'Reilly Auto Parts
The above heater control valve is an alternate to the Evans valve.
W8000087 Aux Dual Fans OEM
3680 Aux Fan Hayden
226112 Aux Fan Hayden/Advance Auto Parts
335-55038-200 Aux Fan Depo/Amazon/eBay
Note - Although the Hayden 3680 is NOT a direct replacement it can be used to repair the inop fan. In most cases it easier to just swap the motor.

See Aux Fan Replacemnt for more info on 226112/3680.

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Part # Description Supplier
W8800481 Air Filter-With Foam Cover OEM
A1236C Air Filter-With Foam Cover AC Delco
A917C Air Filter-No Foam Cover Auto Parts Store
Fuel Filter 2001-2003
W8800482 Fuel Filter-Single Outlet OEM
GF481/GF652 Fuel Filter-Single Outlet AC Delco
33481 Fuel Filter-Single Outlet WIX
Fuel Filter 2004-UP
W0010883 Fuel Filter-Duel Outlet OEM - No longer in Production
xxxx Fuel Filter-Duel Outlet No longer in prouction
1015 Fuel Adapter/Filter Amazon
Part # W0004996 was replaced by W0010883 and is no longer in prodction. It has been replaced by WHGF481FK. This kit provides an adpater and GF482/652 filter. Available from amazon.com
25324052 1/2 Qt Oil Filter OEM
PF454 1/2 Qt Oil Filter AC Delco
W8800474 1 Qt Oil Filter OEM
PF1218 1 Qt Oil Filter AC Delco
51060 1 Qt Oil Filter WIX
1060 1 Qt Oil Filter NAPA
PF932F 2 Qt Oil Filter AC Delco
51794 2 Qt Oil Filter WIX
1794 2 Qt Oil Filter NAPA
29537966 Deep Sump Pan Filter Allison
18663 Deep Sump Pan Filter Napa
SAE PA66-GF33 Deep Sump Pan Filter Filtran
29539579 Allison Spin-on Filter Allison
29535627 Allison Filter Magnet Allison
57701 Allison Spin-on Filter WIX
7701 Allison Spin-on Filter NAPA

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