RV Chassis Parts Xref P Series

As many of you RV'ers know all OEM's have their own Part Numbering system even though most of the parts are available from a GM dealer, other OEM's or from a autoparts house. So, if you have purchased any parts from any other source other than the RV manufaturer and have the OEM part number and discription please leave me an EMAIL with the informantion and I will add to this section.

Note - This cross reference file is a collection of parts numbers supplied by the members of IRV2 and myself. The OEM numbers have been added for reference and may vary as I have seen multiple parts numbers for the same part.

I have added links to my photos of the various parts referenced here. So, if you want to see a photo of the part in question just click on the highlighted part and it will open a new tab or window.

Any updates or corrections please Email me.

1) Engine

2) Steering Column

3) Suspension

4) Brakes

5) A/C - Same Parts as W series

6) Misc

7) In Tank Fuel Pump - Same Parts as W series

Part # Description Supplier
12569444-6PK2610 Serpentine Belt(103") GM
5061030 Serpentine Belt Dayco
4061030 Serpentine Belt Goodyear
K061030 Serpentine Belt Gates
12557682 Serpentine Belt Tensioner GM

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Steering Column
Part # Description Supplier
1990099 Ignition Switch (old part #) GM
1990116 Ignition Switch GM
D1405B Ignition Switch AC Delco
LS309 Ignition Switch Autozone
US105 Ignition Switch Standard
KS6622 Ignition Switch Echlin
PT289 5 Pin Connector AC Delco
PT2134 4 Pin Connector AC Delco
W8002085 Ignition Switch Kit - Complete OEM
W8002060 Ignition Switch Kit - No Switch OEM
W8000510 Wiper Switch OEM
D6343D Wiper Switch AC Delco
26028849 Wiper Switch GM

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Part # Description Supplier
ES409LT Inner Tie Rod Moog
ES2000LT Outer Tie Rod Moog
ES2004S Adjusting Sleeve Moog
BGR BR35 Inner bearing assembly NAPA
BRG 15103S Outer bearing NAPA
BRG BR15243 Outer bearing Race NAPA
21294 Wheel Seal SKF
31870 Axle Shaft Seal NAPA
6358 Rear Axe Shaft Seal National
31870 Rear Axe Shaft Seal SKF

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Part # Description Supplier
M3305 Master Cylinder NAPA
10-588 Master Cylinder 1996-2003 Mills Supply
Mills Supply carrys a number of different master cylinders for the P32. Check their site or call them for correct one.
CAR18-8044 Brake Caliper Car Quest
4152828 Bendix 10m Bleeder Screw
4150844 Raybestos 7/16 Bleeder Screw
Be aware that there are 2 different calipers used on the P32. About 90%+ use the 4152828 66mm caliper for the front/rear or left/right for years 1985 to 2003 uses a 10 mm bleeder screw. But, we have found a few that use the 4150844 73mm caliper on the rear. This caliper uses a 7/16 bleeder screw. It just so happens to be the same as the one used on the W22.

So, check you caliper casting numbers before you order. Not sure what to look for? Look at the P32 caliper specs Caliper Specs

SS7108M Brake Pads - Metallic NAPA
CARGMD184F Brake Pads - Metallic Car Quest
CAR55029 Brake Rotor - Front Car Quest
CAR55031 Brake Rotor - Rear Car Quest
W8006752 Brake Hose Left Front OEM
10-523 Brake Hose Left Front Mills Supply
BH383396 Brake Hose Left Front Raybestos
15708243 Brake Hose LF - Discontinued AC Delco
15991730 Brake Hose LF - Discontinued AC Delco
W8006751 Brake Hose Right Front OEM/Mills Supply
10-530 Brake Hose Right Front Mills Supply
BH383395 Brake Hose Right Front Raybestos
15708244 Brake Hose RF - Discontinued AC Delco
15991732 Brake Hose RF - Discontinued AC Delco
SP9060 Brake Hose Left Rear Car Quest
SP9060 Brake Hose Left Rear Car Quest
SP9084 Brake Hose Right Rear Car Quest
17999935 Brake Hose Left Rear AC Delco
17999936 Brake Hose Right Rear AC Delco
36765 Brake Hose Frame-Axle Block Napa
If possible take the old part with you to the parts store for comparison.

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Part # Description Supplier
5-741 Windshield Washer Pump Autozone

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