RV Chassis Parts Xref W Series

As many of you RV'ers know all OEM's have their own Part Numbering system even though most of the parts are available from a GM dealer, other OEM's or from a autoparts house. So, if you have purchased any parts from any other source other than the OEM and have the OEM part number and discription please leave me an EMAIL with the informantion and I will add to this section.

Note - This cross reference file is a collection of parts numbers supplied by the members of IRV2 and myself. The OEM numbers have been added for reference and may vary as I have seen multiple parts numbers for the same part.

I have added links to my photos of the various parts referenced here. So, if you want to see a photo of the part in question just click on the highlighted part and it will open a new tab or window.
Note - The photo's are for reference only and may not depict the actual part.

Any updates or corrections please Email me.

1. Brake Parts

2. Cooling System

3. Engine Parts

4. Filters

5. Suspension Parts

6. Miscellaneous Parts

7. A/C Parts

8. Allison Transmisson

9. In Tank Fuel Pump